Take your site to the next level with a redesign for mobile responsiveness, speed, SEO integration, and a modern, consumer-ready layout


Responsive websites are easier to access, meet customer demand, and rank higher in search engine results. Optimize your site with a responsive design and reach a new level of customer involvement.

SEO Ready

Improve your search ranking and page hits with integrated SEO keywords, structure, and site mapping. We follow SEO best practices and create easy-to-update sites to maintain your placement.

Consumer Friendly

We specialize in websites structured for customer ease of access and usable content. This keeps users engaged, on message, and ready to buy.

Are You Responsive?

What does your website need, and how does it look?

Learn where you are and what you can change using the free tools below.

Google's Mobile Friendly Test

Enter your URL (website address) and Google will analyze your homepage. The results will tell you if your page is mobile friendly, and identify any loading issues Google encountered when running the test.

Am I Responsive?

Google will tell you how your site appears, and this will give you a quick visual.This is general information only, and does not reflect individual devices - use this for a fast evaluation of your general site design.

The Responsinator

This excellent resource shows you how your site appears on specific mobile devices, by system and layout. If you have a responsive site, but it needs some tweaking, this is the tool for you.

Your Mobile-Friendly Transition

What to expect when converting your site to a responsive format.

What Can Stay the Same in a Rebuild?


Any and all content can be transferred seamlessly to the new format – this includes images, text, and general order.


Love how your website looks? Your font, layout, concept and outward structure can be recreated in the new site.


The general tone of the website can be recreated. Is it built to be friendly? Productive? We can keep the style of engagement with your audience.


Whether your site is modern, retro, themed, or sleek, the style of your site can stay the same as it changes to a responsive format.

What Changes in a Rebuild?

The Underlying Structure

The structure of your website will change to a block format that mobile devices can resize and modify based on the size of their screen. Along with the structure, content areas of your site may be changed to have a separate mobile and PC version, depending on your user’s needs.

Whatever Else You Want

A mobile redesign can be an excellent time to revise your content, make updates and edits, and add features to enhance your online presence. This can change as little or as much as you want, from adding new pages, to a complete remodel of your site’s format.

Frequently Asked Questions

No! Your original website will stay exactly as it is as the redesign takes place. All sites are designed on our network, then either exported to your hosting provider, or mapped (via domain mapping) to our network if you choose to use us as a host. The only downtime during the transition is when the sites are swapped out – this generally takes less than 2 hours, but may be up to 24 hours and can be scheduled during a low traffic time (e.g. night or weekend) for your site.

The timeline varies based on the size of the site, and how much of the site is changing. A small site that is keeping the same structure and layout can take less than a week, while a large site with changes in structure, tone, and content may take up to a month or more. Contact us for a free cost and time estimate, and we can give you a range based on the types of changes you are considering.

More than 50% of web traffic now takes place on mobile devices – responsive websites make your content easier to access, reduce bounce rate (the number of users leaving your site after only one page), and provide easier navigation for consumers.

The best thing you can do before a redesign is to decide how you want your site to grow. If you want changes in content or layout, we can help in the planning process, and provide you with guidance in improving customer experience, traffic, and site layout.